Management Team

The mission of our management team is to make the company grow and help everyone at the organization develop.

Board of Directors

Manuel Jiménez Maña
Counselor and managing director
Reyes Jiménez Maña
Jesús Jiménez Maña
Rafael Jiménez Maña
Miguel Ángel Jiménez Maña
José María Jiménez Maña
Juan de Dios López Uceda
Advisor and director corporate affairs
Carlos Rey
External consultant

Area Director

Fátima Delgado Mora
Director of People
Juan Rodriguez Quiros
Commercial Director
Rafael López Torralba
Advisor and financial director
Manuel Cruz Bacariza
Advisor and legal director

Business Unit Head

José Antonio Martín Molina
Diversification Manager
Francisco Egea Cano
Speauto Manager
Francisco Egea Ramos
Eurorecambios del Camión Manager
Ricardo Morales Aranda
Concilia Manager