Mission, Vision, Values

We the Corporation think serving is the result of working with value. Thus, our key motivations are persons, real hosts of those values, authentic authors of service leadership and effective promoters of social and company improvement.

About Us

We are an industrial family group mainly involved in spare parts distribution. We develop advanced logistics in order to assist our customers´ demands, and to diversify, undertake and innovate in order to improve our environment.
The group also includes several companies of different activity sectors, forming a business of diversification.

Our mission is born of comminment to persons.

Their needs, our commitment; their values, our assets; their improvement, our success; their social impact, our prestige.


Ourstrategy is defined by our mission, not the other way around.

Mission is more than a statement: is our public declaration of commitment with our employees, customers, providers and shareholders, based on confidence, cooperation and looking to the future.

Each corporation company has its own mission connected to the corporative one. At the same time, each area, each employee becomes aware of how contribute to the common end, the mission.


Mission is performed by persons: thus, our employees – with their personal and professional qualities – are our preference.


Mission is carried out for persons: thus, our customers – with their needs – are our priority.

Shareholders and Providers

Mission is fulfilled with persons: thus, our shareholders and providers- with their prospects and interests –are our motivation.


Our vision is to become a referent in all sectors we are involved in, by means of management excellence and the contribution to our environment social improvement.


Our values are our corporate strength in order to go forward to excellence through people.


    Our values are our corporate strength in order to go forward to excellence through people. 

    Trust, the essence of our Corporate value.

  • InnovaTION

    Innovation lies in people: people’s work, wishes and commitment draft and create their future.
    We reinvent ourselves every day in order to search for a different perspective to advance in our mission: working from our values to serve people and becoming a referent of an integral excellence.


    Teamwork, as the sum of all
    Team working is cooperation: to share knowledge, experiences and commitments. It is well-understood collaboration, with sense of contribution and focused on a collective end: our mission.


    Spirit of service, substantial incentive of our work
    We tightly think that service to people is the best way to lead. We like thinking that we all contribute to improve the society with our work.