Jimenez Maña Corporation was founded basis on a meaning of Mission that continues on labelling its history: at the service for people working with the values to be a reference of whole excellence


Jimenez Mañas Recambios SLU was born

Manuel Jiménez Maña starts with a spare parts store in Paseo de Colón in Seville. Jimenez Mañas Recambios SLU was born, the flagship of the current Corporation. Manuel innovated when choosing the location, far away from his competitors. A strategic point for its commercial activity and referent way of those entering or leaving the city.


First generational relay

Manuel Jiménez Maña Estrada, founder’s son, assumes the direction of the company. It is a period to invest in store capacity, up to 3000 m2 in Arjona Street.


 Inauguration of the new headquarters

The headquarters of Arjona Street is inaugurated. In these years the organizational model is redesigned, introducing specialized responsibilities for product families and a system of cards with all the parts of the warehouse is implanted


Manuel Jimenez Maña new Chairman

Manuel Jimenez Maña Carmona, grandson of the founder, takes over. That same year, a store model was adopted that combines its own stores and associated with a common commercial and logistics policy.


The company joins AD Parts

The company becomes member of AD Parts (with a total of 27 members), first automotive spare parts distribution in Spain and Portugal.



Inauguration of the 11,000m2 logistics center in the PI La Isla

Corporate governance is established. The Board of Directors and Administration is constituted and politics of ends are approved.


Diversification and extension of the business

 New companies related to spare parts, motor, cycling and service sectors are born.


The Jiménez Maña Corporation is born

Jimenez Maña Corporation is constituted as a safety net for all the group companies. The Corporation emerges as the anchor for a common compromise with mission, vision and values of the company.


New humanistic vision of the Corporation

Manuel Jiménez Maña Carmona, together with Board of Administration, shares his humanistic vision of the company with a new corporate model based on Mission Leadership.



More than 500 workers

The Corporation is formed by ten companies of different sectors. The company employs more than 500 workers and is consolidated as a business and human reference.