Corporate Social Responsability

In the Jiménez Maña Corporation, we belive in people.

We work hard to ensure that people working at the Corporation have the chance to develop their spirit of service, in society and also in their own environment.


Jiménez Maña Corporación |  Compromiso con el conocimiento y la formación

Corporate culture

We develop business policies having people at the center of every decision. We share our knowledge to contribute to the growth and the internal development of people.

Jiménez Maña Corporación |  lazos solidarios

Corporative volunteering

We provide social actions, through which we try to help people in need of basic resources or alone, near to our environment. We facilitate to our volunteers their work in this matter by providing them with the knowledge, time, and motivation they need to help those in need.

Jiménez Maña Corporación |  Bienestar y salud en la empresa

Healthy habits and Environment

We encourage actions intended to create awareness of the natural environment, efficient use of resources, and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.

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